Diplomatic Records Management and Archives

Secure Embassy and Consulate Data Management

Store confidential information securely using a platform specifically dedicated to embassies and consulates

Utilize all your information and realize its true value

Compliance and security made simple

A single dashboard with centralized management allows for greater control, classification, and security.

 All your data and content in one location

Access and connect data from multiple locations into one central vantage point. Create a more efficient data pipeline enabling better employee collaboration.

How an automated records management system can support your diplomatic office

Data and information have become the cornerstone of many organizations’ daily operations, especially embassies and consulates where sensitive information needs to be stored and accessed in large volumes. Whether data storage occurs in the cloud or onsite, the dramatic volume increase in recent years has brought increased challenges. These include meeting regulatory requirements, finding storage facilities, and the battle to manage multiple systems across multiple networks. 

Diplomatic Vault handles the heavy lifting using AI and machine learning to assist you with managing data-in-place, automating classification, and maintaining transparency. This allows information to be easily accessed for governance teams to review and audit. Intuitive and scalable, our platform centralizes and automatically classifies information adhering to strict safety and compliance protocols. The result is a boost in efficiency and data management.

Easy records management from Windows or macOS

Diplomatic Vault supports user access for macOS and Windows in whatever records declaration software you use. 

Generate reports quickly according to departments and categorization

Search queries can automatically generate reports from electronic and physical records. They can be displayed online or exported in various formats with comprehensive forensic details, including time stamps, edits, and more.