Reasonable Accommodation Tracking Platform

Our platform covers both Reasonable Accommodation and Appeal requests.

Navigating the complex governmental compliance rules associated with the Americans with Disabilities Act can be challenging for any employer or employee. Our RA Tracking platform simplifies the process, guiding users through the ADA reasonable accommodation process.

Save time and resources with automated tracking and reporting

Our SaaS App Features:

  • Unlimited Employees
  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Documents Upload and Management
  • Upload/Manage Legacy Data
  • 3 Modules (Employee, HR & Appeal)
  • Generate Custom Status Request Email Templates
  • Generate Custom Reports based on Corporation/Department
  • Email Notifications and Reminders
  • Track the Interactive Dialogue
  • Real-time Dashboard
  • Print, download reports into Excel, PDF & CSV
  • FREE Daily Data Backup
  • Bulk upload of Users/Corporations/Departments

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Sifting through the mountain of reasonable accommodation requests on paper or in digital spreadsheet form can be overwhelming and daunting.

Get in touch with our team to get the conversation started. Let us help you automate the process with our Ai-driven RA Platform.

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Our Reasonable Accommodation Tracking platform covers three modules/functions: Employee, ADA, and Appeal

Our platform allows employees to submit their requests directly to their company’s HR department. They can then track their requests’ progress on the platform as it moves from submission to appealing the request if HR or the ADA Coordinator denies it.

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Platform is WCAG 2.1 Level AA ADA Compliant

Additional Benefits of our cloud-based RA Tracking Application

Consolidated Cloud-Based Documentation

The days of clanging filing cabinets and faded printouts are over. RA Tracking application allows all accommodation case documentation to be stored in a convenient digitized and centralized cloud location.

Compassionate Case Handling

RA Tracking application allows the flexibility to handle each file on a case-by-case basis with care and compassion


RA Tracking application allows employees to take the initiative and submit forms online, and track and request accommodations 24/7

Immediate Request Decisions

ADA Coordinators can quickly approve or deny requests

Keyword Search

Appeal requests can be searched by keywords

Immediate Report Reviews

Reports on agency/department requests can easily be viewed.

Constant Contact

Templated accommodation letters can be modified to suit and auto-populated to allow constant communication between a company and its employees, fostering a caring work relationship.

Automation Saves Time

Automated workflows, task reminders, pre-fill forms, and letters allow for a seamless streamlined process without missing a deadline.

Real-Time Dashboard of Requests

All requests submitted by the agency or departments can be viewed in a convenient, easy to read real-time dashboard.

Add Internal Notes

ADA Coordinators and Appeal Managers can add internal notes to the submitted requests for audit purposes

In-Depth Analytics

Deep-dive into your accommodation program to gain invaluable actionable insights into costs, trends, and more. Our AI-driven analytics evaluates thousands of data points in seconds.

White-Label Option Available To Reflect the Company Brand

Branding not only helps spread the word about your company but signifies an organized, efficient operation. RA Tracking’s company brand option allows for this.