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Our support team is open to help you. Your tech troubles will soon be a thing of the past!

  • Hassle-free tech
  • Great efficiency, less stress
  • Customize your tech to suit your needs
  • Use your tech with confidence
Three different ways for our tech pros to help you

How It Works

This is how we do it!

We’ve got your back from set ups to troubleshooting and compatibility concerns. We’re familiar with thousands of different devices and open all day, every day…and every night too! So what’s stopping you from getting your tech issues resolved? 

Three different ways for our tech pros to help you


Call 617-410-3790 and talk directly to a tech pro in your language. You can also schedule a call back for a time that works for you.


No chatbots here! We use real, certified tech pros to help you, offering nuanced, detailed answers to solve your specific tech issues.

A Virtual House Call: 

Relax and let us do the heavy lifting. We can access your computer remotely and securely and get to the heart of your issue.

Support from qualified, experienced experts

Common tech support issues we can help you with

  • Speed up slow devices and computers
  • Internet connection issues
  • Printer and scanner installation and compatibility
  • WiFi and router issues
  • Deleted file recovery
  • Remove viruses and malware
  • Remote e-mail access
  • Data migration between devices and computers
  • Software updates, installation, and uninstallation
  • IP Support

If you prefer to work out your tech issues at your own pace, our guides offer a stress-free plan to help you analyze and understand your problem and solve it at your own pace. We’ve got guides for 1000s of frequently asked questions. If you’re stuck, connect to a tech pro for help.

A subscription allows you access to unlimited round-the-clock help


Billed monthlyBilled yearly
per month
per year
Up to 5 employees
Remote Support
60 Minutes/Month Per Employee
Cancel Anytime
Monday — Saturday 9am-9pm
per month
per year
Up to 25 Employees
Remote Support
140 Minutes/Month Per Employee
Cancel Anytime
Monday — Saturday 9am-9pm

Pay as you go

Need quick assistance? No worries; a pay-as-you-go service is also available. In addition, we only charge you $75/per hour.

We can assist you with the common issues mentioned above, including the following:

  • Excel Pivot Table Assistance
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Survey Monkey Assistance
  • WordPress Website Content Publishing
  • YouTube Channel Assistance
  • Social Media Postings
  • Other

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