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The U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce, a Randolph-based organization focused on providing a voice to the local Haitian community, is partnering with the Town of Randolph to support its vaccine outreach efforts.

With support from chamber members Infocus Entertainment and Quadrillion Tech Solutions, the U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce will produce a series of video advertisements to conduct an aggressive marketing campaign toward vaccine outreach to Haitian communities in the New England region.

As of Oct. 5, statistics show that only 55% of minorities, especially black minorities, are vaccinated, while 87% of white people are immunized against the COVID-19 virus in the Town of Randolph, according to the chamber. The marketing plan includes producing two videos highlighting the importance of the COVID-19 vaccines to reduce fears and misinformation surrounding the vaccine within minority populations.

“Unfortunately, we still have many Haitians within the Randolph community who are fearful of taking the COVID-19 vaccine. Our goal is to help break down these fears,” stated Hans Patrick Domercant, president of the U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce. “There is a lot of hearsay around the vaccine, especially from Haitians who are newcomers. By sharing facts and statistics surrounding the COVID-19 virus and vaccine, we hope to sway those individuals in the right direction to increase our vaccinated population size. Mindset has a better prospect to change with the help of effective multimedia.”

“We are excited to be working with the U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce, a long-time trusted partner, to promote the vaccine to our Haitian population,” said Brian Howard, Randolph town manager. “It is important that everyone gets vaccinated in order to protect themselves, their families, and this community. While our vaccination rates are climbing and are above the state benchmarks, we have work to do when it comes to vaccinating our communities of color. This is just one of many efforts we have made in our journey to create an equitable vaccination outreach program for our community.”

Randolph Town Councilor Ken Clifton, who has played a leading role in the community’s fight against COVID-19 and promoting vaccine equity, was instrumental in bringing about this initiative.

“I commend the town’s leadership for its responsiveness in ensuring that all segments of the population get relatable information,” he said. “We are in a fight for the health and safety of our community, and because of the effective collaboration, we are making excellent progress.”Your stories live here.Fuel your hometown passion and plug into the stories that define it.

“Randolph administration, town leaders, and community members have been meeting and facilitating our vaccine equity initiative, begun in March of this year by Town Manager Brian Howard,” said said Elizabeth LaRosee, director of library, recreation and community programs. “We have planned countless print and digital marketing campaigns as well as many collaborative initiatives with local cable, the Randolph Public Schools, and other community partners. Randolph Public Health Commissioner Gerard Cody has ensured equitable access during these campaigns with a community-based vaccination clinic as well as hundreds of outreach clinics throughout Town. We are thrilled to add another trusted voice in our Haitian community, the U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce, to our vaccine equity efforts,”

The videos will be written and produced in the Haitian Creole language to appeal to audiences culturally to maximize the effects of the campaign. Each video will be between 30 and 90 seconds in length and presented through social media advertising, robocalls, robo texts and email blasts. In addition, the videos will air on the local New England Christian TV Network Station and the local Randolph cable station (RCTV).

This vaccine outreach advertising campaign will be directed toward vaccine skeptics, new Haitian immigrants, undocumented Haitian residents, Haitian populations with little to no English skills, and first and second-generation Haitians. By educating the local Haitian population on the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine, the U.S. Haitian Chamber of Commerce hopes to increase the overall vaccination rates within this population.

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